Board of Directors


Elizabeth Usborne – President
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Liz enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for soil and water quality with others and the ability to creatively solve complex problems that comes from understanding communities. She joined the Tainter Menomin Lake Improvement Association precisely for these reasons and as the first step in becoming involved in the Red Cedar Basin’s water quality solutions.
She moved to Menomonie after graduating with her Master’s degree researching Best Management Practices meant to mitigate sediment and nutrient pollution from agricultural runoff.

Before going to graduate school she worked for several years in natural resource conservation, where she was involved in stream re-meandering, de-channelization, bank grading and stabilization, rebuilding riffle-pool configurations, reestablishing ephemeral wetlands, and native plant establishment projects, among many others.

More recently, while enjoying lakes Tainter and Menomin from kayak, bike, and trail she also became a member of TMLIA.

Now, as the Nonpoint Source Coordinator for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and President of TMLIA, water quality is where she both works and lives.

She believes the Red Cedar Watershed is beautiful and the impairments of our soil and water only mean possibilities for progressive, achievable improvements that will make us a leader in the region.

Amber Georgakopoulos – Vice President

Ben Hartenbower – Treasurer
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Ben is a Wastewater Engineer for the Wisconsin DNR. He moved to Menomonie after getting his Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at Mississippi State University where he researched anaerobic digestion. His background is in point source pollution reduction and currently works with many local facilities to reach the limits and regulations they need in order to proctect our water resources.

Vacant – Secretary


Randy Sommerfeld – Menomonie City Council Representative

Mike Kneer – Dunn County Board Representative

Vacant – Dunn County Land and Water Conservation Representative

Committee Chairs

Dick Lamers – Legislative

Michael Tomasek – Website

Michael moved to the area in 2006 and was immediately intrigued by Lake Menomin and the amount of algae. After speaking to some co-workers and learning more about the issues that plague the Red Cedar watershed, Michael joined TMLIA to help make a difference.

Chris Gaetzke – Civic Governance Lead Organizer

Chris works for Dunn County Land and Water Conservation Division with citizen groups like TMLIA, Lower Chippewa Invasives Partnership (LCIP), Wisconsin Clear Waters Trout Unlimited, and other government agencies on soil and water priorities. He works in Menomonie, but serves the West Central Wisconsin region as an advocate in civic engagement in environmental action. Chris develops solutions to non-point pollution problems through hard and soft conservation practices along with working with landowners to develop farm, nutrient, and conservation plans. He has a B.S. in Reclamation, Environment and Conservation from UW- Platteville.

He is interested in the Red Cedar watershed because of the level of citizen involvement and government cooperation going on that is providing long-term, sustainable solutions to improving water quality and quality of life. He is a 2014 Wisconsin Lake Leader Institute graduate that has a mission to continue working towards improving this watershed for common good. Since moving to the Red Cedar watershed in 2010, he has seen huge improvements in cooperation and efforts that drive him to put his time and efforts in the same. The potential to have a usable water year round is there and we all have to define our roles in how to get that accomplished!

TMLIA liaison to Red Cedar Watershed Conference Planning Committee

Cathy Usborne – TMLIA liaison to Red Cedar Watershed Conference Planning Committee

Greg Miller – Grants
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An avid fisherman and outdoorsman, Greg Miller enjoys volunteering in numerous environmental groups in the region and recently joined TMLIA to help make a difference by increasing awareness on the choices we make and the impact we have on our streams and lakes in the Red Cedar Watershed.

Maria Stock – Social Media Intern
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