2020 Annual Meeting Presentation

A recap of TMLIA’s activities and accomplishments throughout the year in a presentation given at the annual meeting in October, 2020.

Slow-No-Wake Buoys

The Slow-No-Wake buoys on Tainter Lake are regulated under a town ordinance.¬† The placement coordinates are specified in the ordinance and the Town of Tainter is delegated as the responsible entity. ¬†Volunteers dedicate their time throughout the spring and fall to haul seven 40 lb buoys and 100 lb anchors in and out of designated locations along the narrowest sections …

Lake Maps

Bathymetric maps show the depth of the lake bottom. These maps of Lakes Tainter and Menomin also highlight fish crib locations, aquatic vegetation, and boat launch sites.

Winter 2018 newsletter to members

A recap of the annual meeting, a kids activity that talks about what is living in a lake, and an interview with Cindy Hatella, plus more, can be found in this edition of LakeTalk.

Spring 2018 newsletter to members

Kids activities, an interview with Dick Lamers, activities that you can do to help out the watershed, plus more.  All of this can be found in the spring edition of LakeTalk.