June Monthly Meeting


Tainter Menomin Lake Improvement Association, Inc.

Dunn County Fish and Game Clubhouse

1600 Pine Avenue, Menomonie, WI 54751

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019:  6 – 7:30 pm


Identity Statement:  TMLIA is a civic non-profit that reaches goals toward water quality awareness and improvement efforts by using Civic Governance to educate and organize the civic infrastructure needed to govern for the common good.

Mission Statement:  Increase awareness of water quality issues, advocate resource protection, and celebrate our rivers and lakes through community engagement and diverse partnerships.

Purpose for Civic Organizing Approach:  Every member develops ownership in the organization in order to maintain the capacity to address complex public issues, making TMLIA a viable and resilient organization for the long term.

Purpose of this meeting: Midpoint Evaluation

6:00-6:05 Introductions

6:05-6:10 Negotiate Agenda

6:10-7:00 Business Items

Work plan progress

Pet Waste Stations

Menomin Meander Printing

State Water Council Public Hearings

7:00-7:10 Treasurer Report

7:10-7:25 Questions on Reports (in order to use our meeting time more efficiently, individual reports were agreed to be submitted prior to meeting)

7:25-7:30 Meeting evaluation

Rating based on criteria:

  • Purpose of the meeting was achieved
  • Progress made towards achieving our goals
  • Members came prepared
  • Timeliness
  • What is/not working


Upcoming Activities

Jun 14th Welcoming LAKES REU Students with a Pontoon Ride in Partnership with Let’s Go Fishing

Jun 19th Civic Governance Meeting

Jun 24th Tour of 3M Menomonie Campus



City of MenomonieRandy Sommerfeld

City Council summary of meeting May 20, 2019.

  • Meeting called to order by Mayor Randy Knack at 7:00pm. Council reviewed minutes from previous meeting and approved.
  • Council members reviewed, discussed and voted to approved the Capital Investment Partners revise {UD General Plan for a Terrance Ridge Multi unit development on 21st Street East. Tied vote, with the Mayor casting a no voted, motion failed.
  • Council members approved Sewer Utility Equalization Tank building reconstruction to RJ Jurowski construction for $854,225.
  • Council members approved city ordinance for parking meter violation fines and handicapped parking changes
  • Council approved the request for Rich Gilgenbach to have an outdoor section at the Arena (619 S Broadway) on the first and third Wednesday for the months of May-October.

City Council summary of meeting Jun 3, 2019.

  • Meeting called to order by City Council President Mary Solberg at 7:00pm. Council reviewed minutes from previous meeting and approved.
  • Council members approved new Title 9 ordinance, which eliminates mandatory inspection by city officials of rental property within the city
  • City Council approved requests from Menomonie Baseball Association request to close off the road between the diamond and to serve beer during the baseball tournaments on Jun e 7-9 and Jun14-16.
  • City Council approved requests from UWStout to use Wilson Park for the Red Cedar Film Festival on June 27, 2019.. City Council approved request from Down Town Menomonie (Main Street Menomonie) for a special event to closed 3rd street between Main Crescent Streets.
  • City Council approved purchase of a service truck equipment from Indianhead Truck equipment for $25,720.


Dunn County Board of Supervisors-Mike Kneer

Planning Resources and Development Committee (PRD)

The PRD is still working updating the manure storage ordinance and the subdivision ordinance. A “citation authority” ordinance for Zoning and the Land and Water Conservation department is still in the works.

Last month we heard from the Land and Water Conservation department about DATCP’s “Targeted Ground Water Sampling Report”. We just found out DATCP will test 13(?) more new wells in Dunn County this year. I think they will be from the Town of Tainter. Each your DATCP samples wells throughout the state. They resample some wells looking for trends and they also include new wells in the sampling. There were 13 new samples taken in Dunn County in 2018. Results are available for those interested.

Ad Hoc Ground Water Committee

This committee has met five times. Last month we broke into two sub-committees focused on identifying policy and education goals. At our fifth regular meeting we prioritized those goals, saw a draft web app that allows the public to see summaries of groundwater test results, and discussed the format of the final report due next month. Jess Schoen and KT Gallagher are leading the charge.

The Ad Hoc committee is made up of community members, Dunn County Health Department staff, ENS staff, and two county board members; myself and Tom Quinn from the Health and Human Services committee. It was set up to recommend policies on issues of ground water contamination.

Land and Water (County) and NRCS (Natural Resource Conservation Service) have applied for a large grant of over $500,000.  Growing Soil Health in Dunn County: Cooperative Conservation Agreement, NRCS, Application Submitted 05/17/2019.  Outlook positive.

Neighbors County Committee

The “Neighbors of Dunn County” committee will soon decide whether to continue the demonstration farm currently using the land around /near the Neighbors. It is currently rented by CVTC and used by multiple organizations/schools for education and research.

City and Town cooperation

Representatives from the City of Menomonie and the Town of Menomonie met twice in order to plan for future expansion of the City and the Town. One of the things discussed in these meeting is in what situations City water/sewer may be provided in the future. The Town of Red Cedar will be meeting with the City within the next couple of months to do the same. Proper planning, or conversely NO planning, will have an impact on our water


The Towns of Red Cedar and Menomonie surround the city.


Dunn County Land and Water Conservation-???

Liz has followed up with Dan Prestabak several times regarding the new TMLIA representative.  Until the Water Quality Specialist position is filled, Dunn County Land and Water might be either Jess Schoen or the conservation intern.


Treasurer-Ben Hartenbower (only activities listed, detailed financial report presented during meeting)

Ben has reached out to all the pertinent contacts involved in the Lakeside Park Rain Garden Sign project and is making progress on getting it installed and submitting the corresponding grant report.


Social Media-Tom Knutson

Tom is taking over as our new social media intern for the summer.  Tom met with Liz on June 4th to get introduced to the organization, transfer social media platform information, and learn more about our activities.


Legislative-Dick Lamers

  • Our resolution was published in the WWF monthly newsletter.
  • We should start planning for the public hearings at the State Water Council meeting that will be held in either Superior or Menomonie late Aug. or Sep. I met with Rep. Summerfield in Colfax and pushed for Menomonie as the site.


K-12 Education-Amber Georgakopoulos


President/Membership-Liz Usborne

  • 133 members, 8 business sponsors for 2019.
  • Submitted report for Joint Sustainable Working Group meeting on May 15th on behalf of TMLIA.
  • Submitted report for May 15th Civic Governance Meeting and updated them on TMLIA progress and challenges.
  • Submitted report for Red Cedar Water Quality Partnership meeting on Apr 3rd on behalf of TMLIA.
  • Represented TMLIA at May 28th Dunn County Alliance of Conservation and Sports Clubs meeting.
  • Represented TMLIA at June 5th Red Cedar Water Quality Partnership meeting and gave update on TMLIA activities relating to the goals of the TMDL Implementation Plan.


Website-Mike Tomasek


Red Cedar Watershed Conference-Cathy Usborne

The report from the planning committee is only that we met last month and our June monthly meeting is on Monday, June 10.  The committee is busy securing key-note speakers to, hopefully, have them lined up by this upcoming meeting.  Plans are moving along!


Civic Governance-Chris Gaetzke


Jun 11 2019


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
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