Slow-No-Wake Buoys

The Slow-No-Wake buoys on Tainter Lake are regulated under a town ordinance.  The placement coordinates are specified in the ordinance and the Town of Tainter is delegated as the responsible entity.  
Volunteers dedicate their time throughout the spring and fall to haul seven 40 lb buoys and 100 lb anchors in and out of designated locations along the narrowest sections of Tainter intended to prevent shoreline erosion from boat traffic. Throughout the summer they check the placement several times a month, and provide storage in the winter.  Remember, these volunteers are our neighbors who do this in their free time and are motivated by a sense of stewardship for the shoreline. Beyond being aware of the issue and trying to share information, the lake association has no other authority over the matter, and the volunteers aren’t even always members of TMLIA. While we are enjoying our time on the lake, let’s remember to be grateful to these volunteers and respect our shorelines by honoring the Slow-No-Wake areas.